Spatchcocking the Chicken –

While Summer is still technically here it feels like it’s over somehow. Kids are back in school, vacations are over, the nights are just a little bit cooler. You can feel it in the air, summer is just on it’s way out. Puts me in the mood for a little indoor cooking, chicken comes to mind. I made this for the first time last year and have made it again a few times since. If you’re looking for a French bistro sort of chicken and always wondered how those restaurants do it, this one is for you. I think I will make it this Friday night instead of a traditional roast chicken . When you have some time , give it a try. Enjoy this Monday morning re-blog.

Cooking with Candi

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I have wanted to roast my chicken this way for quite some time, but always fall back on the standard. I have posted the standard way under Good Old  Roast Chicken.  You’ll need to remove the backbone of the chicken , and I am not that great with butchering so left it to the butcher in Whole Foods or whoever you go to. Just ask the butcher to remove backbone ( I discarded it or save it for making stock)  and cut chicken in 1/2. This removal of the backbone of the chicken is known as spatchcocking , simply put,  you roast the chicken in about 1/2 the time as conventional methods with the maximum crispiness to the skin, and very moist chicken is achieved.  I used my more shallow Le Creuset pan and chicken fit snugly in which is what you want. You don’t want it in too big a pan, just make sure your…

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One response to “Spatchcocking the Chicken –

  1. LOOKS YUMMY Candi! One of my favorite ways to eat chicken! Thanks for sharing!

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