Cold Asparagus Soup

Here is my re-blog Monday . The asparagus is still beautiful and plentiful and what a delicious way to enjoy it. I love cold soups , and this one tastes just as good warmed up. Go for it, step out of the box just a little bit. This is a wonderful lunch soup and a lovely beginning to any meal. A nice piece of crusty bread and a beautiful cheese wouldn’t hurt any either. Enjoy! and enjoy this beautiful summer .

Cooking with Candi

I am still super obsessed with local beautiful sweet asparagus. I found Long Island asparagus today and bought a bunch of it. Joel is away for a few so no problem making it and having to think of something else to make for him. I am planning on enjoying this soup in the fridge for a few days. Super easy, I saw Mark Bittman (love) on the Today show a few weeks ago and saved the recipe for local asparagus. Am psyched and this recipe is super healthy , low-fat and super super easy to make. It literally took no time at all. The cooling down takes some time but I don’t see the harm in eating it before it really chills out do you? Hope you’ll check out some local produce and get the asparagus while the getting is good. I mean you can make this all year round, but its super delish now. I actually ate it…

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