Couscous Salad, Real Mediterranean Style

It is almost Memorial Day weekend and it is really just starting to get warm here on the east coast, gratefully.  Welcome in some lighter springtime meals along with the warmer weather. I love this couscous salad and think you will too. It’s right up there with my quinoa and kale salads for a perfect alternative salad . Enjoy and let’s hope that this warm weather is here to stay! You can grill up some protein ( chicken, shrimp or fish) and add it to this delicious salad or serve alongside.

Cooking with Candi

It’s springtime so I am thinking of lighter food, and of course salads come to my mind. I make this recipe with couscous or quinoa. I have another recipe for quinoa on my website so I figured that I would make one with couscous this time, but feel free to use either one. The dressing has a definite Greek flavor. This dish is perfectly tasty and served with grilled fish or chicken you have a perfect meal. As far as salads go, this one is perfection. This is not an exact science; if you like a lot of tomatoes, add more. If there is another item here that you don’t like, feel free to substitute, and I’d love to hear what you did. I love to hear variations on my recipes. This is so quick and easy to assemble. Can definitely be made ahead of time.



1 clove garlic, finely minced

1 teaspoon Dijon…

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