Here is Karyn’s Cranberry Apple Crisp for Passover. Just like the one for Thanksgiving but for Passover without flour. Follow directions for softening farfel first. This is a winner.

Cooking with Candi

Remember that fabulous cranberry apple crisp we made for Thanksgiving? Well, here it is for Passover made with matzoh farfel! Perfect side dish for Passover as well, or use for dessert. My family likes to eat this as part of the meal, but do whatever you like. You can even make this in little ramekins and do individual crisps if you like. Once again, this is from Karyn, who deserves full credit in my book!

*just got a call from Karyn who said this time she made it she just soaked the matzo farfel quickly before putting it on top ( which is such a good idea) just to soften and she also made it with just 1 cup of sugar! and it came out perfectly so I am changing this recipe to 1 cup not 2 cups of sugar.

*you can substitute margarine for butter if you want to with…

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