This is a re-blog of a really light, tasty recipe. Just when you’ve had enough of all the heavy stuff from holidays and vacations. Give this a go, it’s very simple and very tasty.

Cooking with Candi

I have archives upon archives of saved recipes. Some days I just go through to see what I’d like to make next. I often come upon old ones which I’ve totally forgotten about. Other times, I cut out new recipes that I’m eager to try. But this one came to me through our friend, Drew (Susan’s husband). He got into cooking a few years back, found this recipe and turned me on to it. It is light and flavorful. What a ringing endorsement. For a while, it was very much a part of my repertoire. Then, for no apparent reason, I just stopped making it. But recently, while going through some older chicken recipes, I came across this one again. It really is simple–very few ingredients, and a perfect dinner served with rice and a vegetable. It is originally from Rachael Ray with a few changes on my part. If you’re not fond of rosemary…

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