Here I am at 7:45 a.m. having my coffee and getting ready to do some serious cooking in the slow cooker. It snowed here last night and we will spend the day on the mountain skiing. What could possibly be better than to come home to a meal cooking and your house filled with the wonderful aroma of shortribs in the slow cooker? It’s worth the effort in the morning if you have the time. If you’ve never used a slow cooker get out there and buy one, it’s a wonderful investment!

Cooking with Candi

Short Ribs being seasoned

I like to think of slow cooking as backwards cooking or pajama cooking. I wake up , am having my coffee in my pajamas and chopping vegetables and searing meat first thing in the morning. The good news is that it’s all pretty much done at the end of the day at the time that you’re usually making a mess and just beginning to prepare dinner. The aroma that fills your house is so amazingly delicious. It’s an awesome way to return from your day to dinner cooking and all the prep out of the way. Although, I have to say looking a short rib in the eye first thing in the morning is not always fun.   I  purchased the short ribs, and wanted to cook them Sunday for dinner. I love this recipe,  the ribs literally fall off the bone, they cook for 8 full hours. I…

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