Thanksgiving 2012 – ready or not here it comes

It’s been seriously crazy here in the tri-state area the past week. the additional loss of power from the Nor’easter really threw us all for another loop in an already trying time. Our power was finally restored Friday and  I must start to think about my Thanksgiving dinner since I am having 22 people and I will be away from the 14th – 18th of November. Crazy stuff . This weekend I will bake my cookies, prepare my sweet and spicy nuts  and start shopping. Obviously I will have to do a lot the 4 days I have prior to Thanksgiving with a touch of jet lag thrown in for fun. It’s well worth it though. Everyone invited got an email and a job to do. You have to count on your friends and family when you have such a large crowd. I will post my menu now. I will also be making my soup and freezing it, my pumpkin breads, etc. I freeze everything, it’s only for 2 weeks and it will all be fine. Here is the menu as of now, I may make a few changes here and there and will keep you in the loop with that. So it’s time to start shopping and start cooking. If you are looking for a recipe on my blog, put in the name of recipe or a key word and you should be able to find it. Again, I am available via email and am happy to help. Sometimes it helps to put in the word Thanksgiving as a way of getting to recipe as well. I have listed the names as they appear on my blog, I will however be reblogging each and every one over the next week. The Show must go on.

My heart goes out to the people who will not be able to be with their families in their own homes this holiday season. If you can find anyway to donate money or items please do so in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Menu:


I go lightly on the apps. because it is such a heavy meal

Sweet and Spicy Nuts, (recipe for nuts is on blog)  and a Baked Brie which I purchase at Whole Foods and keep frozen till day before) fig jam for Baked Brie.

If you’re looking for a heavier appetizer the Baked Salami is always a great one along with crudite and dip.


Butternut Squash Soup or Pumpkin Lentil Soup


I do mixed greens with a little goat cheese  and apples. I will use the Vinaigrette with Maple Syrup this year. My salad is light and small.

Pumpkin Walnut Bread and or Hurricane Sandy Pumpkin Cranberry Bread along with some delicious dinner rolls that I will purchase, last year I baked a Pumpkin Challah no time this year, but if I can find one I will buy it even though it won’t be nearly as good.


Roast Turkey and Turkey Breast ( which is all white meat ) I find the turkey breast goes a long way to satisfy the white meat lovers. I have the butcher prepare my turkey and turkey breast, it will be in an herb marinade, and I just have to place in the oven and cook and carve.

Cremini Mushroom Pumpkin Lasagna ( I will be reblogging this wonderful recipe) can be made a few days ahead and put in freezer or refrigerator

Side Dishes:

Mashed Potatoes Casserole with Sour Cream and Chives

Thanksgiving Corn Bread Pudding – this is an absolute must if you’ve never made it before. If you have made it you know how wonderful it is.

The Stuffing that will be on our Table

Candied Yam Souffle ( Easy Peasy) , Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes, and Aunt Pammy’s Chipotle Sweet Potatoes ( Pammy’s Chipotle Sweet Potatoes are nothing short of amazing)

Fresh Cranberry Sauce, A little twist on Plain Cranberry Sauce, and of course Karyn’s Famous Thanksgiving Crisp ( this is the one you must make, it will always be on your table)


Michele’s White Chocolate Jumbo Macadamia Cookies ( winner of CWC contest)

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

Fresh Fruit

and I have some desserts being brought to me , if they are blog worthy they shall appear on my blog!

2 responses to “Thanksgiving 2012 – ready or not here it comes

  1. Hi Candi — Hope you guys are well. I can’t believe I am thinking about cooking while still without power– but I wanted to ask you where you get your turkey and turkey breast — which butcher. Just having my parents and brother this year and was thinking of just making a turkey breast……ps, where do I find the cornbread pudding recipe? searched your blog and couldn’t find it

    • the cornbread recipe is on my blog and I will re-blog it tomorrow I promise, if you put in to search thanksgiving corn bread pudding it should come up. But I promise I will put it on tomorrow for you. You can call Prime Time Butcher on willis avenue, and you could probably use 2 turkey breasts tell him him how many people and ask for herb marinade, you just stick it in the oven. Ask him how long to cook it for as well. They’re usually right on, you should get a meat thermometer, so you’ll know for sure. My son in law’s favorite turkey. !!!!! anything you need just let me know, I’m happy to help. We just got power back on yesterday!!!!! Crazy Stuff. Hope you are all well in spite of this craziness. xoxooxo

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