This is a fantastic French Toast recipe . I posted last year for Yom Kippur and here we go again. Don’t miss out on this one, if you’re looking for a new recipe to break the fast.

Cooking with Candi

A few years back, my friend Ilene Stern turned me on to this baked french toast recipe. It is an absolute hit—an out of the ballpark hit. It is so totally decadent and delicious. I never have a single piece left over. It is just amazingly awesome. Once you make it, you will always make it. I make it twice a year: Mother’s Day, always; and if I make break fast on Yom Kippur it is on the table. It is the most perfect brunch item I know. The only down side is that you must refrigerate this dish overnight, and you can’t cook it until you’re ready to eat it. I have travelled with it uncooked and I just cook it when I get to wherever I’m going. So thanks, Ilene, and enjoy. If anyone out there has a better recipe or any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Made it for break fast and it was incredible. So simple.perfect when coming home from temple. Will make often, thanks

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