this is one of my favorites for summer, I posted it last August and thought I’d re-visit it this August. If you love gazpacho this is perfect.

Cooking with Candi

Gazpacho in the Blender

As much as we hate to see it happen, summer is coming to an end. Gazpacho is all about the summer though and now is the most perfect time to make it. It’s so cool and refreshing. This recipe is super easy and I make it all in the blender. I love it very spicy so I use Jalapeno peppers and Serrano chiles. I also add some Tabasco. Obviously, you don’t have to add this hot stuff. Just make it without the spicy additions. My sister is out here now and she likes it as spicy as I do. Feel free to indulge as you wish. We loved it! This is really very easy to make and looks beautiful. You can add croutons or sliced avocado or chopped up shrimp,or crab to the top when you serve it. This recipe is a go-to every summer. I have…

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