Cooking Class at ICE: Cookies Unlimited

Lots of Cookies!

This past Sunday I took another wonderful class at ICE (Institute of Culinary Education) in NYC. It really is such a wonderful experience–you meet new people, learn new things and just have a wonderful day. This time it was a cookie class, a lot of cookies class! I personally baked 3 recipes: a brownie, a lemon cookie, and a pecan cookie. I will post all those recipes. There were 12 cookies in all–10 sweet recipes and 2 savory. It was a most enjoyable experience and I can’t recommend it

enough. Go with a friend or go alone. I always go alone and I am perfectly fine with it. Obviously in NYC there are tons of classes in so many different venues, so go for it and check them out. The recipes that I  post from this class will be noted as such: espresso brownies, Palm Beach lemon cookies, and brown-edged pecan wafers (which were cookies, but called wafers). The brownies were awesome–very rich and moist. Look for recipes coming soon.

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