Chicken Marsala – What I made last night

I am just going on record that this recipe is so delicious and so easy. I made it again last night and it is just so awesome. If you are looking for an easy, quick recipe this is it. Just follow directions, and I think in an hour it was all done. Served with a vegetable and rice , perfect. Great recipe for dinner party or dinner party of 2! see recipe on website. What I Cooked – Chicken Marsala, original post date was 01/13/2012. It’s so worth looking up and cooking. Let me know how you like it. Joel loves it.

4 responses to “Chicken Marsala – What I made last night

  1. Hey Candi!
    I can’t find the recipe within this post. And it sounds yummy!

    • look through, for what i cooked tonite – chicken marsala, u will find it, if not I’ll send it to u. Don’t know y it’s so hard to find, also if you look around site, on comments, etc, you may be able to find. Or try the date, etc. LMK I can send to u.

  2. This was so yummy. My husband loved it!

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