Academy Awards Sunday and What I’m Doing

Academy Awards Sunday is here. My plan is to ski or hike during the day, have my DVR set for pre-show on E!, and then the main event and of course the after show. (and don’t forget to DVR the Fashion Police ) I like to get home, put on my PJs and just set myself up for the night of nights. As most of you are already aware, I am an avid movie fan. This year I even did an actual mail in ballot with all my picks, so wish me luck. I have seen all the top nominees with the exception of a few documentaries and foreign films. It’s tough to do it all. I think I will have to dig in to some of those wonderful leftovers that are in our freezer–maybe the lasagna and the italian wedding soup.  This is the beauty of cooking a lot and freezing the leftovers. They are perfect for a night like this when all you want to do is curl up and watch TV. The thing of it is that I really do love to watch by myself. This is not to say that there won’t be a lot of  texting going on, but no phoning–it’s too distracting. Texting and pausing is totally acceptable, and if I have to talk I will. Joel will usually make an appearance for a few awards, but he lacks the patience to stick it out. So here’s to my annual Oscars Party of One and may the best movie win!

*P.S. Just a hunch , I think the Artist is going to win, (and I adored it) but I would really love to see Hugo win.

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