Family Visit and what we’re Cooking with Candi

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Our kids and grandkids are out for a visit,  and we are enjoying it so very much. I don’t want to go on and on about having grandkids, but it really is an unparalled joy . We cooked up some Shrimp Scampi and Pasta. Thanks to Joel we’ve been able to obtain the most awesome Mexican White Shrimp ( recipe is on blog, posted on 12/26/11) and it was such a lovely evening. Even Brody enjoyed the Shrimp. Joel and Brian cleaned the shrimp, and Jenn made the boys dinner and I cooked our dinner.  We had a delicious sald with the Honey Lime Vinaigrette ( recipe is on blog , posted on 11/16/11 . This recipe is really scrumptious and loved by the whole Kolen/Turoff clan. ( OK not so much Riley) . Uploaded a few pics for all to see. Of course we had that delicious Applesauce/Raisin Bundt Cake. I had to freeze the rest of it after I ate it for Breakfast today, so yummy!

3 responses to “Family Visit and what we’re Cooking with Candi

  1. so cute to see photos of everyone….keep your recipes coming….love the. xoxo Babs
    Happy belated Valentines Day

  2. Looks like fun! Everyone looks great, cake looks delicious! Enjoy xo

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