My Superbowl Menu–Go Giants!

I am not even sure what we are doing this Superbowl. We have been out of town and will just be getting back. I may not even be doing it, but this is what I did last year except for the shrimp, but shrimp is always a good idea for cold appetizers . I usually make the shrimp, dressing, cookies and macaroni and cheese a day ahead. I make the chili a day or two ahead. The salami can be ready to put in the oven, the nuts I make sometimes a week in advance. The idea is to enjoy the day and enjoy your friends. Last year we had 10 people so this is perfect for 10 – 12 people. Have to admit that last year I brought in wings. Sometimes it’s just easier to pick and choose what you know you want to make  and order in what you don’t want to make (in my case the wings!) These are just some suggestions for the day. Mostly enjoy the day and Let’s Go Giants!


cold shrimp with cocktail sauce

sweet and spicy nuts (2 recipes on my site)

baked salami (also 2 recipes on my site)

bbq wings which I brought in , sometimes it’s just the way to roll


Macaroni and Cheese (recipe on my site)

Green salad with one of my salad dressings

Red or white chili , whichever you prefer


Cherry chocolate cookies (recipe on my site)

assortment of ice cream is always nice along with the cookies

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