What’s in the Fridge?

Freezer in Colorado

Colorado Fridge
fridge in NY

I have wanted to post this for a while. I am always intrigued by other people’s refrigerators or really what’s in them. While some people may be intrigued by what’s in other people’s medicine cabinets, I am more drawn to their refrigerators. So I thought it would be fun to see if I could get a dialogue going with what’s in all of your fridges. I am going to list my 10 items I almost always have without fail. Of course there is usually a salad dressing, leftovers, other kinds of milks periodically for baking etc. My NY fridge looks like it was fresh off the Thanksgiving tear, packed to the brim. Then we can do pantries, the other thing I’m curious about . Right now though let’s concentrate on fridges. Send me your pictures if you can figure that out, and I will post mine. Hope to hear from all  of you.

1. Tropicana OJ, no pulp (Joel has drunk this every day of his life since I’ve met him)

2. Skim Plus milk (in my NY fridge) and 2 % milk (in Colorado fridge, because they don’t have Skim Plus out there)

3. Unsalted butter sticks (always on hand to cook with)

4. Fage and Activia yogurt

5. Lots and lots of different mustard, but always Dijon

6. Strawberry and raspberry preserves

7. Eggs

8. White wine

9. Apples and Grapefruits

10. Parmesan Cheese

My Freezer always has butter sticks, blueberry or corn muffin Vitamuffin tops, bacon, Skinny Cow truffle Bars (chocolate), cranberries, vodka, ravioli, Dr. Praegers veggie patties, Haagen Dazs (hopefully Caramel Cone) and I am hooked on this new Gelato , Talenti Brand and Sea Salt Caramel is my favorite.

3 responses to “What’s in the Fridge?

  1. Roni Spielfogel

    very interesting!!
    no oj in mine.water/fage, blueberries/strawberries/skim milk/smart balance light/arnolds sandwich thins/jams/cheese/lots and lots of spicy sauces (just counted 12 bottles/low sodium soy sauce/ and hopefully leftovers!!

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