Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Someone suggested that I post the menu from a recent dinner party that Joel and I hosted. So, here goes. We had 10 friends over for dinner. The night before, I did so much prep that I was able to go for a two-hour bike ride on the day of the dinner party, come home, do everything that I needed to do, and be ready to greet friends by 6.30!  On Friday night, we (actually Joel) cleaned the shrimp; I made corn salad; pesto pasta; quinoa salad; and sangria. Earlier in the day, I baked all of those delicious cherry chocolate cookies! I was actually stuck in the house waiting for a computer technician, and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I had already made my berry cobbler, which was in the fridge. So all I needed to do on the night of the party was my lemon chicken, and put out apps. This was the most organized I’ve ever been. When I got home from the bike ride, I put together the lemon chicken, showered, and at about 4pm, I grilled my peppers, because they can be served at room temp. At about 6pm, I grilled some delicious sausage for my appetizer, covered it with aluminum, and cut it up as everyone was arriving. I have to say that I totally enjoyed the evening, and was super relaxed—especially after my glass of sangria! I am obviously not from the less is more school of thought. You probably don’t need this much food for 12 people. You can cut on the apps, for sure! I almost always serve buffet style for 12 or more, unless it’s a holiday. Get out there and enjoy the rest of the summer, and enjoy your guests! It is do-able!

Here’s the menu (all recipes have previously been posted):


Chicken sausage; cut up, served with honey mustard in a ramekin (I use honey mustard, but anything will do. I also use spicy chicken and mild sausages. Hard salami is also good—just slice and go. Sometimes I add sliced cucumber with this.)

Sweet and spicy nuts (see recipe)

Shrimp ceviche, salsa, guacamole and chips (I buy the ceviche from a reliable source)

Hummus with some vegetables (baby carrots and snap peas are good)

Dinner menu:

Green salad with my lemon vinaigrette

Lemon chicken

Shrimp on the Bar-B

Grilled peppers

Quinoa salad

Pesto pasta

Corn salad

Roasted asparagus


Berry cobbler with ice cream

Cherry chocolate cookies

2 responses to “Dinner Party

  1. Candi, your dinners have been my inspiration for years!

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